Is anyone on the team doxxed? Founder Sheldon Tweedie is doxxed.
Will Liquidity be Locked? The initial liquidity will be locked for 1 year. With Sheldon Tweedie as the doxxed founder of the project, we have little concerns about this but have chosen to do it to ease the community.
Will the Treasury Wallet be Multi-Sig? A Multi-Sig will be implemented for the treasury with 3 team members initially to ensure that the funds within the wallet are safe. With a doxxed founder, we will need to ensure that the most trustworthy people are attached to the Multi-Sig. In the future, we'd like to involve the community in this Multi-Sig as well. This is crucial as it ensures we have strong treasury management by keeping funds safe.
Bug Bounty Program? To protect our community and ensure their funds are safe, our smart contracts and web infrastructure are eligible to bug bounties up to $5,000 depending on the severity and exploitability. Please raise a ticket on Discord to make contact and we will transfer to secure comms.