Token Launch

One huge problem we've seen that kills projects before they can even get started is their token launch. Usually there's issues with team member selling their tokens on the initial pump or the protocol instantly selling.
With Pirate Nodes, there are no pre-sale tokens, and there is most definitely no team allocated tokens to start the project. This is to create a fair launch for every Pirate.
The launch of $DOUB (our native token) will be conducted as a fair launch. This means that there is no pre-sale access to any members of the public and team members. There will be no whitelist to purchase Doubloons early either. No purchases will be made prior to the release of the token.
A timeframe will be given for when the token is launched, it will be a first come first served release.
Upon launch of the token, 14,000 Doubloons will be sent to the LP and the remaining 486,000 Doubloons will be held by the Rewards Pool wallet for distribution to Pirates.

Sales Tax

The sell tax for $DOUB is 10%.
The revenue generated through the Sales Tax will be split between the treasury wallet and marketing/development wallet. Funds will be allocated where they are most needed for the project.