P2E Game

Now, before we hear all the comments of, "Oh, another p2e game...", please hear us out.
Pirate Nodes will be releasing a Battleships style game called 'Pirate Ships'. This is a strategic game where Pirates will be able to play against each other for tokens, or even enter tournaments to try and win a large sum of $DOUB.
The game will release around mid May.
Within the game, users will be able to mint their own Pirates, method and price TBD. Each Pirate will have select abilities that you can essentially main to match your strategy for Pirate Ships. Some may be stronger than others but it will all tie into strategy and how you choose to utilise your Pirate.
Below is a draft mock up of the design for the game:
Pirate Ships P2E game.
This will combat sustainability as the rewards pool will be able to take a rake for entries into games, tournaments and how Pirate NFT characters may be minted...!
To cover a couple of questions we've had already. Yes, the board will randomise with different formations of blocks to keep things interesting. The games will be played in a best of 3 format and best of 5 format for higher tier games to eliminate the randomness of wins and further strategy to be implemented.
Details about the necessity for holding nodes etc. is still TBD.