Merging Nodes

Pirate Nodes will allow you the ability to merge lower tier nodes to form one larger level node. The nodes used for the upgrade will be burned in the process.
The tokens that are used to merge your ships will be sent to the Rewards Pool wallet.
Below lays out the costs and amount of Nodes needed for each tier upgrade:
nodesRequired=nextTierCost/currentTierCostnodesRequired = nextTierCost/currentTierCost
  • Rowboats upgraded to Sloop
    • 3 x Rowboats + 0.44 $DOUB
  • Sloop to Brigantine
    • 2 x Sloops + 1.14 $DOUB
  • Brigantine to Galleon
    • 6 x Brigantines + 10.15 $DOUB
More information on the calculations and logic behind these costs can be found in Taxation.